Natural Remedies

Béatrice Levinson, Naturopath, talks about some top health issues that can be successfully addressed with natural holistic remedies.  Be sure to subscribe to her YouTube Channel HERE

Natural Weight Loss Program

Béatrice’s highly effective natural weight loss program (14 minutes)

The Startling Connection Between the Gut & Mind

Béatrice discusses Holistic approach of the Digestive System and Mood Disorders including Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, ADD, ADHD, OCD  (8 minutes)

Thyroid Problems and Solutions

Béatrice discusses Thyroid Health issues and how to address them naturally (6 minutes)

The 5 Most Important Health Tests

Béatrice explains how 5 health tests help her understand the best ways to help you improve and maintain good health (6 minutes)

The Health Benefits of a Whey Cool Protein

Béatrice explains the health benefits of Whey Protein for improving and maintaining good health
(6 minutes)

The 6 Foods to Avoid

Béatrice discusses the 6 most detrimental foods that you must avoid to protect your health (6 minutes)

The Power of Essential Oils

Béatrice discusses the Power of Essential Oils and the history of how they were first used (7 minutes)

H1N1 (Swine Flu) Prevention

Béatrice explains H1N1 (Swine Flu) and preventive steps that may help avoid catching H1N1 (and other viruses)  (11 minutes)