Virginia: Chronic Indigestion

April 2, 2013 at 4:43 AM

Also: Hiatal Hernias, Fatigue

“Simply Amazing!”

From Virginia in California:

Dear Prospective Patient,

What Béatrice has been able to do for me is simply amazing! When I came to her, I was having chronic indigestion, headaches, backaches, occasional hiatal hernias and fatigue. By simply, changing my diet and prescribing the appropriate supplements, she took care of all of these problems at once! They were all connected!

The chronic indigestion caused my stomach to bloat and caused the hernias. The pain from the hernia would travel around to my lower back and cause the lower back pain. The headaches and the fatigue were a result of the diet as well.

The Indigestion, Headaches, Hernias and Back Aches Stopped

We discovered that I had an intolerance to gluten, egg whites, soy, and dairy. When I eliminated these food itemscompletely from my diet, and supported my system with probiotics, the indigestion, headaches, hernias and lower back aches stopped.

My problem with fatigue has taken much longer to repair. I suffered from depleted adrenals. Taking supplements for this, without changing my diet simply did not work. It wasn’t until we discovered the food intolerances and I continued on my change in diet for several months, that I began “little by little” to have more energy. It’s important to know that I suffered significantly from fatigue for at least 15 years!

I Highly Recommend Béatrice’s Health Talks

I have done more than just eliminate the foods I was intolerant to. As I continued to learn, my buying and eating habits have changed. I buy mostly organic foods and eat twice as many vegetables as I used to. I have cut down the carbs to a minimum. I have even changed my cookware and storage ware! I highly recommend Béatrice’s health talks. I’ve learned and applied much from them.

Béatrice has given me back my health and happiness. I will forever be grateful to her!

— Virginia in California