Natasha: Insomnia

April 2, 2013 at 4:43 AM

Also: High Blood Pressure, Anxiety

“You Really Made a Difference in My Life”

From Natasha in California:

For the last several years I’ve experienced insomnia. I’ve been treated by several traditional, holistic, and naturopathic medical practitioners, taking various herbal supplements and medications. Some of these were met with temporary periods of success but within a few days the problem reoccurred. Other times the cure was worse than the initial problem. However, since I went to Mrs. Béatrice Levinson and after only 2 sessions my sleeping problems have come to an end without any adverse side effects.

Focused on the Cause of the Problem

Mrs. Levinson examined my medical history, reviewed my symptoms of not only the immediate problem but others as well and focused in on the cause of the problem. She assisted me with anxiety, insomnia and high blood pressure.

I have really enjoyed seeking treatment and buying my supplements from Mrs. Levinson’s office. It has a great atmosphere.

My family and I are moving from the Monterey area soon. Mr. and Mrs. Levinson informed me that I will be able to continue to contact Mrs. Levinson through Facebook and Skype. Knowing that she will always be there to hear my concerns is reassuring.

Thank you for everything Mrs. Béatrice Levinson. You really made a difference in my life.

— Natasha in California