Michelle: Weight Loss

April 2, 2013 at 4:42 AM

Also: Digestion Problems, Fertility

“You Took the Time to Listen”

From Michelle in Monterey, California:

Dear Béatrice,

I would like to express my profound gratitude for your commitment to my health and that of my family. The knowledge and encouragement you have given me over the years has forever changed the course of my life.

When we first met I was 60 pounds overweight. I was experiencing various digestive disorders on a daily basis and had miserable hormone fluctuations. My menstrual cycles were so irregular that I doubted my ability to have a child. I was taking innumerable over the counter synthetic vitamins and was eating the typical American diet; low in fat and high in processed foods. I was exercising at a gym, but was making extraordinarily little progress towards lowering my weight.

I Was at an All Time Low

The day I saw your advertisement in a local newspaper I was at an all time low. I truly did not know how to gain control of my health and my life. I made an appointment with you, doubtful that this would finally be the answer, but too desperate not to try.

I was amazed at how thorough your evaluation was of my situation. You took the time to listen to not only my symptoms, but my fears and goals, as well. You created an individualized, detailed plan for recovering my health. I learned about whole food nutrition and how it would rebuild my body from the cellular level.

I Dropped Pounds Effortlessly

Week by week, I experienced increased vitality and dropped pounds effortlessly. The systems of my body seemed to harmonize in the way they were always designed to function. I became strong and felt a level of health I had never known.

Today, I am the proud mother of a robust baby girl. Her conception and birth are a testament to the incredible healing power of the human body when given the proper building blocks of health. The knowledge of nutrition I gained from you will ensure that my daughter will never have to struggle with the kinds of problems I had battled all my life.

In my professional practice, I meet people daily who are as lost and confused as I was about how to overcome the epidemic of obesity and chronic disease that plagues our nation. People are desperate to gain an understanding of how to reclaim their health. I am honored to refer my family, friends and clients to you because I am so confident in your ability to help people change their lives for the better. I wish you the greatest of success!

With most sincere thanks,

— Michelle in Monterey, California