The Weight Loss Resolution

March 30, 2013 at 11:39 PM

Fun & Long Term Weight Loss

To each and every one of my patients and friends, I wish you A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! May the coming year be filled with much Joy, Happiness, Good Health and Good Spirit and… be a very SUCCESSFUL YEAR for every person who is determined to FINALLY LOSE THE EXTRA WEIGHT that they have been carrying so painfully from previous years.

There is nothing else that would make you feel better about yourself than finally attaining your goal of LOSING WEIGHT! A REAL SUCCESS STORY: For the past two years, I have helped many many of my patients to successfully lose weight with my most successful weight loss program which I have entitled “Béatrice’s FUN and LONG TERM Weight Loss Program”. Yes, IT IS FUN, because patients are so excited with their personal success that it makes it a very fun project for them and for me. And yes, it is for the long term! As you know, the most difficult part people experience in various weight loss programs is how NOT TO REGAIN the weight they have worked so hard to lose! I can assure you that if you follow my program properly, YOU WILL NOT GAIN BACK THE WEIGHT you have lost, because I will teach you very important concepts that you will keep for the rest of your life.

1. What is Béatrice’s FUN and LONG TERM Weight Loss Program?

I have divided this program in three phases:

Phase I – The Detoxification Phase: 
During this phase, which on average lasts three weeks, my goal is to help my patients to break their long existing bad habits, and to install new good habits. We do this by detoxifying the body from years of accumulated toxins such as coffee, tobacco, sweets, alcohol, sodas, etc. I believe that any successful weight loss program needs to include a WORKABLE Detoxification Phase so the body can liberate the toxins that impair proper metabolism functions and hence, successful weight loss.

This Phase I is the strictest of all the phases but, it allows my patients to empower themselves to make changes that will make significant differences in their health and hence, in their lives! They remove all sweets and carbohydrates, all alcohol, sodas and coffees, all processed, prepared, and canned foods, all fast foods, all nuts and seeds, all dairy, all grains and flour products. It is not as difficult as it seems, and my patients report that they feel so much better and that they are totally amazed as well as enthusiastic about pursuing their program.

I usually see patients once a week during Phase I to ensure that they understand the principles of detoxification but also, to weigh them, measure their Body Fat percentage and their Body Mass Indexes. I provide them with various healthy recipes, and healthful tips to obtain SUCCESSFUL RESULTS!

By following Phase I to the “T”, not only do my patients lose weight, but they also experience many health benefits such as increased energy, better quality sleep, fewer headaches, less cravings, better bowel movements, clearer minds, better moods… just to name a few. The expected weight loss during Phase I is on average 10 to 12 lbs. It is not uncommon for a person to lose 5 to 8 lbs the very first week because the body is finally able to release excess water and toxins. The following weeks, the average weight loss is about 1.5 lbs per week. Many patients chose to stay on Phase I for an extended period of time to allow more time for their body to detoxify, which is perfectly OK.

Phase II: Continued Weight Loss:
Phase II lasts on average between four to twelve weeks, but it can last longer if a person needs to lose more weight; it basically lasts as long as needed to attain the desired weight. In Phase II, I allow my patients to reintroduce some healthy foods such as nuts and seeds, avocados, olives, and healthy cheese (Feta, Mozzarella, Parmesan, goat or sheep cheese, Roquefort, and organic cottage cheese). On the other hand, sweets, carbohydrates, sodas, processed and prepared foods, dairy other than the ones mentioned above, as well as grains and flour products, are still not allowed. Although weight loss is slower in Phase II, the weight steadily continues to go down! In Phase II, I ask to see patients once every-other-week (rather than every week) where I continue to weigh and measure the patient’s progress, offer strong support, new and interesting recipes, and new menu ideas.

Phase III: Forever Maintenance:
Phase III takes place only when the patient has attained his / her desired weight. In this phase, I reintroduce all healthy foods, step by step, teaching my patients what are reasonable portion sizes, how many exceptions they can make, and teaching them how to eat and prepare healthy food for the rest of their lives. This maintenance phase can last as long as each individual patient needs it. It can be followed forever, and these are the principles that I personally follow as well as many of my successful patients. (Please see our patient testimonials found in our office). I usually see patients once a month for several months during this phase. I consider a Weight Loss Program to be successful only after 5 years of healthy weight maintenance. If a patient starts to gain back weight, I put him / her back on Phase I or II, depending on how far out they have deviated from the healthy principles I taught them, and how much weight they have to lose again. It is preferable to act at the earliest moment in time.

2. Tools and Tests

When I start working on Weight Loss with a patient, I give him / her a Personal Binder wherein I make entries during every consultation regarding their Weight, Body Fat Percentage, and Body Mass Index. Every single day, the patient records his / her food intake three times a day, as well as how he / she is feeling, and what kind of exercise or other healthy procedure he / she has been doing. It is called “A Food Diary and Self Check-up”. The food diary recording is absolutely necessary for compliance and accountability. The Personal Binder also contains healthy recipes for each phase, menus ideas, shopping lists, and helpful tips. This Personal Binder is personalized and is a constant link between me and my patient.

Along the way, I may require specific testing that I feel is necessary to determine blockage or impairment of progress. These tests may include: Hair Test Analysis to determine mineral imbalances, Adrenal Testing for energy or fatigue, male or female Hormones Testing for hormonal imbalances, a full Digestive Panel for any absorption or infection problems, Food Intolerances Panel, or a Comprehensive Metabolic Profile for metabolism dysfunction. For a complete understanding of my testing procedures, please see the HEALTH AWARENESS Archives on my web site found under the green tab NEWSLETTERS and look for HEALTH AWARENESS Volume 4, Issue 9 for “The Importance of Testing”.

3. Natural Health Supplements

The supplements taken will vary according to particular issues and individuality, but there is a core of supplements that are the important building blocks of my Successful Weight Loss Program.

  1. The first recommended product is a healthy whey protein powder calledWhey Cool from Designs For Health (see Health Awareness Volume 4 Issue 6). This is a very clean source of non-denatured whey which supports the immune system and brings a healthy 24 gr. of protein per scoop. Whey Cool is added to a delicious smoothie that patients drink every morning or in replacement of a meal during the day. Not only is it satisfying as a tasty smoothie but it also helps in tapering the cravings for sweets and maintains a high energy level. Whey Cool comes in two delicious flavors: Vanilla and Chocolate.
  2. The second recommended product used mostly in Phase I is called Paleo Cleanse from Designs For Health. This is a hypoallergenic rice protein that contains nutrients and herbs that fuel detoxification pathways and promote optimal liver function. It also contains a full multivitamin/mineral and antioxidant complex. I recommend between ½ scoop to 4 scoops per day, depending on the personal ability of each patient to handle the detoxification process.
  3. The third recommended and very important product used in this program is a fiber product called Paleo Fiber from Designs For Health. This is a combination of fruits and vegetables fibers, as well as probiotics so it promotes healthy guts and healthy digestive function. I recommend 1 Tablespoon per day during Phase I and Phase II to increase bowel elimination and to taper off sweet cravings. It is very gentle on the intestines and doesn’t induce bloating. Personally, this is the only Fiber product that my body handles well.
  4. The fourth recommended product is fish oil. There are several kinds of fish oils, and I chose accordingly depending on the patient unique needs. One of my favorite sources of fish oil is actually Pure Cod Liver Oil from Green Pastures. It is the only naturally occurring high dosage Vitamin A and D cod liver oil that I know of presently on the market. In other words, it is the best by far in comparison to any other cod liver oil products in the marketplace. The only inconvenience of cod liver oil is that even in a capsule form, it may repeat on some people. In this case, then I recommend Omega Hi-PO EE from Designs For Health which is encapsulated in a soft gel that will open up only in the small intestines, so there is no burping. 1 or 2 capsules per day is a plentiful source of Omega 3’s. I now have a third source of Omega 3’s which targets on Brain Function. This product called Brain-E from Apex Energetics comes only in a liquid form, and the average dosage is a teaspoon per day. This liquid fish oil has a higher ratio of DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) which makes it quite unique to improve neurons and neurotransmitters connections.
  5. The fifth recommended product is optional and is for people that crave sugar, carbohydrates or alcohol. Here again, I have two options: one product is an herb called Gymnema Sylvestris from MediHerb. Gymnema is helpful for what I call Physical cravings, meaning that the cravings are caused by a lack of proteins or other nutrient. This particular Gymnema from MediHerb is super potent because of its high dosage (4 Gr. per tablet) and can stops cravings in minutes! It also helps maintain blood sugar levels and increases Pancreatic function. I recommend 2 tablets three times a day for constant support, or less if the cravings are just at specific times. The second option is called Crave Arrest from Designs For Health, 2 capsules three times a day. I choose Crave Arrest when a person’s cravings are more mental or emotional than physical.

4. Exercise for Optimal Health

Exercise is necessary for a Successful Weight Loss Program to allow your body to increase your metabolism. Any exercise is better than nothing, but the latest information about exercise is very interesting. In comparing and studying the physiology of a Long Distance runner and a Sprinter athlete, researchers have found that the sprinter is actually much healthier that the runner.
Here is why:
A. The Long Distance runner’s hormones are as follows: Low Glucagon, Low Human Growth Hormone, High Cortisol, High Insulin, High Leptin.

B. The Sprinter’s hormones levels are as follows: High Glucagon, High Human Growth Hormone, Low Cortisol, Low Insulin, Low Leptin.

As you can see, the hormonal productions are exactly the opposite (High vs. Low). Glucagon is a necessary form or sugar stored into the liver that burns calories when energy is required. Human Growth Hormone is what makes us grow up as kids, and what keeps renewing our cells constantly as adults, so we can make new bone cells, new skin cells, new liver cells, etc. Cortisol is secreted by the adrenals when we are stressed; it is also known to make us gain weight in the waist area. Insulin is a fat storage hormone, and Leptin is secreted by fat cells to tell us to eat more. So it seems that the sprinter’s hormones are much healthier than the long distance runner. To apply this to my patient’s Weight Loss Program, I recommend the following exercise, if possible: Walk every day for 1 hour, and during that hour of brisk walk, take 2 or 3 sprints of 60 seconds each. Add weight lifting three times a week, and you will increase your metabolism fantastically. If you cannot do that, you can consider the purchase of an exerciser which enables you to sprint for 1 minute several times a day.

5. Conclusion

• A Successful Weight Loss Program is not a diet; it is a change of eating habits that you need to keep for the rest of your life.

• A Successful Weight Loss Program is not a quick fix; it took years to gain weight, it will take months to get back to healthy weight.

• A Successful Weight Loss Program does not make you dependent on a program or supplements; it empowers you to take care of your own health.

• A Successful Weight Loss Program does not tire you; it makes you feel great, energized and happy.

• A Successful Weight Loss Program is not accomplished with medication, appetite suppressants, vitamin shots and so forth; it is accomplished naturally by balancing the body’s metabolism.

• A Successful Weight Loss Program is not boring; it is fun and makes you discover pleasurable, tasty and healthy food.

• A Successful Weight Loss Program is not losing weight quickly and gaining it all back; it is a durable, long term and stable program.

6. Weight Loss Summary

If you are concerned about your steady increased weight, and you have lost many pounds over the years that you have gained all back, know that there is a real solution to your issue, and that is: my FUN AND LONG TERM WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM. If you commit yourself for Success, I am committed to help you attain your goal. You are welcome to read my patients testimonials which can be found on the reading table in my office.

Yours in Health,

Béatrice Levinson, Naturopath
Menlo Park & Monterey, California
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