Clementina: Fibromyalgia

April 2, 2013 at 4:35 AM

Also: Herniated Discs, Toxic Chemical Exposure, Menopause

“Her consultation and the therapies/remedies she proposed have allowed me to resolve my health problems.”

From Clementina in Chiavari, Italy:

(Translated from Italian)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Béatrice Levinson for the excellent work she performed:

Her consultation and the therapies/remedies she proposed have allowed me to resolve my health problems. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and five herniated discs. In addition, I also had chemical intoxication due to extensive exposure to pesticides because I am a florist. Béatrice’s support is also proving being effective in the management of the menopause phase that I am in.

Best Wishes,

—Clementina in Chiavari, Italy

Anne: Weight Management

April 2, 2013 at 4:35 AM

Also: Optimal Health

“It was a lot easier than I’d imagined, and results came quickly”

From Anne in Salinas, California:

Dear Béatrice,

I’m pleased to write of my successful experience with your nutritional cleansing program.

While there are so many “plans” for weight management and optimal health in today’s markets, your plan is of such sound principle and high quality nutritional supplements that I decided to “give it a go”.

I expected some days of deprivation and difficulty. It was a lot easier to establish the routine than I’d imagined, and results came quickly. Skin cleared, elimination improved, etc. Then, to my surprise, on day five I began eliminating chemicals from the photographic darkroom where I’d worked intensely from ’98-’02. The foul, metallic taste in my mouth wasn’t actually identified until around day 12, but is unmistakable once recognized.

Since completing the plan my energy and sense of well-being is quite a bit improved, and I’m eight pounds lighter. I continue with many of the “good habits” of your plan and marvelous nutritional supplements, especially the morning protein “shake” with an apple blended to create a smoothie—it gives me a delicious and healthy start for the day.

Thank you,
—Anne in Salinas, California

Anne: Chronic Headaches

April 2, 2013 at 4:34 AM

Other Issues: Chest Pressure, Dry, Wrinkled Skin

“I’m marveling at how quickly my condition was resolved thanks to your response.”

From Anne in California:

Health Improvement Report:

[Before I came to see Béatrice Levinson,] I experienced frequent chest pressure and frequent headaches that lasted several days. Also, my face looked dry and wrinkled. I had been relying more on allopathic medicine.

[But now,] the chest pressure has stopped after having them for several years, while my headaches are less intense and shorter in duration than before. My face is supple and filled out. I’m using more natural remedies in lieu of prescription drugs which are proving effective due to Béatrice’s calm and unhurried processes. I have been able to trust these, supporting my body as I allow it to heal itself. She listens, informs, and suggests instead of dictating. This has been especially important to me.”

Dear Béatrice,

I’m marveling at how quickly my condition was resolved thanks to your response. I so appreciate you willingness to speak with me between appointments instead of saying, “You’d better come right in.” The sesame oil worked. The burning is gone.

When you said, “It’s probably hormones,” I felt scared that I made a mistake by going off the ones I’d been taking. However, this was not what you meant and you reassured me of that immediately.

I was very impressed by your going to Whole Foods and getting back to me immediately with the information I’d asked for. Your caring comes through by your listening and responding. As a result, I am trusting both you and myself and more and more, believing the body can heal itself when given enough support.

I also liked receiving the story about the woman diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. It’s such a joy for me to be working with a faith-based healer versus fear-based. I’m also glad you’re connected with the Center in Marina with which I am well acquainted. I feel blessed to have found you when I did.

—Anne in California

Andrea: Severe Digestive Problems

April 2, 2013 at 4:23 AM

“I am so happy with her guidance because I am now on the road to wellness.”

From Andrea in California:

Two years ago I went to my internist because I was experiencing severe digestive problems. After a consultation and examination, he prescribed that little purple pill as well as giving me a pamphlet about what foods to eliminate from my diet. Sure enough the little purple pill worked, but only for awhile. Then the side effects of the pill became almost as bad as my digestion problems.

I had no idea what to do next. Fortunately, in May, I came across a notice in the paper about a workshop on digestive disorders offered by Béatrice Levinson. Pleased by what I heard her explain at the workshop, I made an appointment to see her.

I was given a food diary to keep until my next appointment as well as supplements she felt would be beneficial to my digestive discomfort. At my next appointment Béatrice reviewed my food diary and made dietary suggestions as well as asking questions to be sure the new supplements were doing their job.

I have continued to meet with Béatrice and at this time am almost free of any digestive discomfort. I know this improvement is due to Béatrice’s knowledge in her field as a naturopath. I appreciate her commitment to her patients and am so happy with her guidance because I am now on the road to wellness.

—Andrea in California