Liz: Low Energy

April 2, 2013 at 4:42 AM

Also: Immune System, Weight Loss

“I Feel So Much Better”

From Liz in California:

To Whom It May Concern:

Since I began seeing Béatrice Levinson in June, 2002, I have improved my health, increased my energy level, reduced my weight by 20 pounds and have reduced the number of prescription drugs that I was taking. I bought and consumed a large amount of herbal supplements hoping to “fix” myself. Being a teacher, I picked up every bug my students brought to school and was sick most of the time. My regular doctors prescribed antibiotics, cough supplements, antihistamines and anything else that they thought I required. These and my supplements were not helping at all.

After reading an advertisement in The Monterey Herald, I finally decided to consult a specialist, Béatrice Levinson. She had me fill out forms about my health regarding different areas of my body. We tackled one or two areas at a time. She was supportive and whenever I commiserated over not improving quickly enough, gently reminded me that I had developed bad habits over years. These habits were being replaced with good habits and were being supported with the herbal supplements that she recommended for me.

I Have a Better Quality of Life

Within three months, I was feeling more energetic. My immunity started improving and I began to lose weight gradually. I went every month to check in and Béatrice would adjust my herbs accordingly. One time, when I was weaning off my hormones, Béatrice even contacted me on her vacation to make sure I was getting the proper supplements. I am so glad that I took the initiative to call Béatrice Levinson. My life is healthier and I feel so much better about myself.

I would recommend, and have done so, Béatrice Levinson to anyone. At the time, it seemed extravagant to visit someone that my insurance did not cover. Now, I’m glad I did it. My health is worth it. I am worth it and I feel I have a better quality of life and am a more effective teacher because of it.

— Liz in California

Genevieve: Weight Loss

April 2, 2013 at 4:41 AM

Also: Cholesterol, Mood Disorders

“I Lost 43 Lbs! I Was Also Free of Lipitor”

From Genevieve in California:

Dear Béatrice,

When I came to see you at the end of March, I was overweight by any standard, and had become the first “borderline obese” person in my family. I had just turned 60 and had been gaining weight steadily for 20 years.

Prior Attempts at Weight Loss

My first attempt to control the trend was in my early forties, when I lost 10 lbs through the Cambridge “diet” and strenuous exercise. When I stopped (I couldn’t live that way) I gained 20 pounds. Later, I used the Jenny Craig program to loose these 20 pounds. It was a wonderful program while it lasted, but I got tired of it after 8 months, and the following year, I gained 30 pounds. Much later, I accompanied a friend to 6 or 7 Weight Watchers meetings. By then, it all looked the same to me and I couldn’t even give it a chance to work.

As a working woman with health insurance, I received regular check ups. My Primary Physician was a nice young doctor who made an effort to listen but didn’t have time to digest information and think things through. He prescribed the usual regimen for middle aged women: Lipitor to lower the cholesterol, aspirin to thin the blood and Tums as “insurance against osteoporosis.”

A Perfect Guide and Partner

Frankly, when I reached 60, I was done with all that. I decided to find someone to help me listen to my body. My new commitment found you, Béatrice, and you have been a perfect guide and partner.

With great care and patience, you questioned me about my habits, life style and desires and you put me on the your purification program for 3 weeks. It was amazing how quickly my body reacted! It was as if it was being given what it wanted and needed and it went to work right away. After these first 3 weeks, we moved on to the next phase of this program and with your support, my body continued to restore itself naturally.

Having My Cute Little Body Back!

Four months later, I had lost 43 lbs! I was also free of Lipitor. What was completely unusual about it was the feeling that it was my body shedding the unwanted weight, not me forcing it to do so. For the first time in 25 years, I felt I was on the right track. Background moods disappeared with the weight (I had become resigned to being disappointed). A new possibility emerged: with Béatrice in my corner, I could tackle the coming winter with its longer nights and the threat of several holidays’ worth of pastry and wine bounty. I could get used to having my cute little body back and continue to nurture it for the rest of my days. The winter is here and we’re doing well.

Thank you, Béatrice, and Happy New Year!

— Genevieve in California

Donald: Digestion Problems

April 2, 2013 at 4:40 AM

Also: Sleep Problems, Sinus Infections 

“I Have Suffered from Reoccurring Ailments…”

From Donald in California:

To Whom It May Concern:

For most of my adult life I have suffered from various reoccurring ailments that conventional medicine treated with drugs. I had frequent sinus infections, three or four times a year, when antibiotics were prescribed. I had frequent digestive complications, and was treated with anti-acids. The drugs caused numerous side effects and were partially effective.

I started seeing Béatrice Levinson in June 2005, at the suggestion of my doctor, Cassandra Ohlsen, MD. After discussing my diet with Ms. Levinson, she suggested eliminating orange juice at breakfast to reduce stomach acid and quitting dairy products to alleviate sinus congestion. Both suggestions were immediately helpful. In addition, Ms. Levinson prescribed several dietary supplements that have been helpful in calming my dietary track as well as aiding my sleep.

While I still have occasional problems, Ms. Levinson’s diagnosis and treatment have been wonderful for me. She certainly has made my life more comfortable when conventional medicine could not.

— Donald in California

Susan: Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis

April 2, 2013 at 4:40 AM

Also: Chronic Pain, Prescription Drug Side Effects

“I am almost free from the pain in my hands, feet, knees that I had suffered so terribly from every day for a couple of years.”

From Susan in California:

On June 13, 2005, I was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis by a doctor in Santa Cruz, and from then on, for a couple of years, I was given increasingly more medications and higher doses, until I was taking Remicade, which is the top drug given for the immune deficient medical situation. Remicade, I learned—but not from the rheumatologist—is a form of chemotherapy; it is administered by an intravenous therapy taking about an hour and a half for each procedure.

After four sittings with the drug, I decided to discontinue the procedure. I was not seeing the results I expected for a return to good health. The decision was difficult; I did worry that I would have to go back to taking Remicade—and the accompanying drugs—prescribed as it had happened before when my condition got worse (more pain, more stiffness, less mobility).

A friend had recommended Béatrice and I had kept her in mind for minor health issues. I decided not only to consult her for my general health, but to see if she would work with me with my rheumatoid arthritis. I hadn’t known that she did such treatments, but she said she would take me on.

Since about 2007, I have not had to go back to the rheumatologist at UC San Francisco. My health continues to get better. I am almost free from the pain in my hands, feet, knees that I had suffered so terribly from every day for a couple of years. At the worst of my disease, my hands couldn’t grip a knife to cut my food or hold my toothbrush. Although before I had been doing advanced yoga poses, I couldn’t get down on the floor to do yoga.

I am grateful for Béatrice’s practice because now I don’t have to take the strong drugs whose side effects made my health worse in other ways, and I’m particularly appreciative that I can rely on her to understand my condition and be able to help me overcome it. My experience has been that she diagnoses, tells me what to take and what to do. And within about a week, I am back to feeling healthy and energetic.

I did not expect to be feeling this well, knowing that I did not want to continue with the traditional medical procedures. I would hope that others wanting to take the same path as I did can find equally competent alternative ways of getting well from a major health problem. Just like my friend, I have often recommended Béatrice to people I know.

—Susan in California

Osanna: Lingering Pneumonia

April 2, 2013 at 4:39 AM

Also: Serial Virus Infections, Ligaments, Hormonal Issues, Food Intolerances

“Truly it was worth it. I enjoyed every visit I had with Béatrice, and I’m so grateful…”

From Osanna in California:

My illness started in November of 2002. I was on a trip and got a very bad head cold. It took a long time for my body to fight the sickness off. Finally after a week and a half I was feeling better. Two weeks latter I still wasn’t feeling 100% better when I became sick again. I now had the stomach flu. I would slightly recover from one illness before contracting the next sickness. In the course of 5 months I had around 18 sicknesses. Each one was slightly different. During that 5 month time there were only 4 weeks that I didn’t have a sickness.

As my immune system got weary I got my “BIG” sickness. I got pneumonia, and then pleura effusion which resulted in a 7 day hospital stay and one major surgery. Before surgery I was in so much pain. After having the surgery I had an eight inch incision on my side and two chest tubes coming out of me. I felt relief! I did really well for about 2 months. I wasn’t very careful to stay away from anyone sick. I was still having some pain in my lung, but we just assumed that it was due to my surgery and that was how my life would be—not so.

One of my friends at church talked to me about how I was feeling. I told her that I was better, but that I still had pain. She recommended that I come see Béatrice. I came in July and we found 3 different kinds of bacteria still inside my lung and pleura. WOW (no wonder it hurt!!!). I started taking a bunch of pills and after about 2 months the pain that I had felt in my lung started feeling less. It took about 4 or 5 months for the pain to completely disappear.

My whole life I was prone to injury. I remember as a freshman my best-friends mom asking me every time I saw her, “What hurts now?” Béatrice found that I had a problem with my ligaments—it is no surprise then, that I was forever pulling muscles and hurting joints. I started taking a different pill for that, soon I was able to play sports, run and exercise without damage to my body.

I was eleven when I started my period. For the first year I didn’t have any trouble with it. But then I started to get cramps, have vomiting, bloating—I felt like a mess. The cramps would get really bad, ease up a little, and then get really bad again. For years I was in pain! After seeing Béatrice for months and working through many of my other problems we were ready to start with the hormonal issues. The thing that I realized during this time is how little my body was out of balance, and yet the huge toll my body was feeling. Small little things can cause great troubles. I started taking two pills for this—and I started feeling better right away.

I also was prone to having reactions to milk, and other dairy products. I didn’t like to eat meat—and always thought it was just my taste buds. After beginning to take some enzymes for my stomach I had no more trouble with dairy. And for the first time I remember in my life I started to enjoy meat!

The last time I went to Béatrice everything checked out well. Hurray. It took over a year from start to finish. But truly it was worth it. I enjoyed every visit I had with Béatrice, and I’m so grateful for the work she has put into me as a client.

—Osanna in California