Virginia: Chronic Indigestion

April 2, 2013 at 4:43 AM

Also: Hiatal Hernias, Fatigue

“Simply Amazing!”

From Virginia in California:

Dear Prospective Patient,

What Béatrice has been able to do for me is simply amazing! When I came to her, I was having chronic indigestion, headaches, backaches, occasional hiatal hernias and fatigue. By simply, changing my diet and prescribing the appropriate supplements, she took care of all of these problems at once! They were all connected!

The chronic indigestion caused my stomach to bloat and caused the hernias. The pain from the hernia would travel around to my lower back and cause the lower back pain. The headaches and the fatigue were a result of the diet as well.

The Indigestion, Headaches, Hernias and Back Aches Stopped

We discovered that I had an intolerance to gluten, egg whites, soy, and dairy. When I eliminated these food itemscompletely from my diet, and supported my system with probiotics, the indigestion, headaches, hernias and lower back aches stopped.

My problem with fatigue has taken much longer to repair. I suffered from depleted adrenals. Taking supplements for this, without changing my diet simply did not work. It wasn’t until we discovered the food intolerances and I continued on my change in diet for several months, that I began “little by little” to have more energy. It’s important to know that I suffered significantly from fatigue for at least 15 years!

I Highly Recommend Béatrice’s Health Talks

I have done more than just eliminate the foods I was intolerant to. As I continued to learn, my buying and eating habits have changed. I buy mostly organic foods and eat twice as many vegetables as I used to. I have cut down the carbs to a minimum. I have even changed my cookware and storage ware! I highly recommend Béatrice’s health talks. I’ve learned and applied much from them.

Béatrice has given me back my health and happiness. I will forever be grateful to her!

— Virginia in California

Priscilla: Weight Loss

April 2, 2013 at 4:43 AM

Also: Low Energy, Sleep Problems

“I have tried other programs but none have been as effective as this…”

From Priscilla in Salinas, California:

When Béatrice asked me to share my feelings and experiences with Weight Loss Program, I thought about all the changes that have taken place since I started on the program. I have struggled with my weight all my life and have tried other programs on the market but none have been as effective as this program.

I started the program in February, and have lost 15 pounds in 6 weeks and I continue to loose. I average 2.5 lbs per week. I feel very comfortable with this weight loss per week. It works for me. The first three weeks were a matter of shifting my priorities about food and myself, and leaving my cherished breads and pastries behind!!! Withdrawal, from my precious life long friends, was more like it and it hurt for a day or two, but it is amazing how quickly the physical / psychological need and desire left for them. Although, I do longingly and lovingly caress a loaf of bread now and then when I am in the grocery store… but I move on to fruits and vegetables with barely a whimper, now.

Béatrice Is a Great Coach and Inspiration

The reason this works for me is because of several factors:

  • Béatrice is a great coach and inspiration.
  • I am learning a healthier way to eat and live.
  • I am learning to take one day at a time.
  • I am learning to heal my life and myself.
  • I am journaling every day about how I feel about the work in progress and the steps to healing myself.
  • I work daily with positive affirmations and to reinforce a positive frame of mind.
  • I have the support of my family.
  • I find that exercise is the bane of my existence so I have learned to shift my attitude and make it fun by choosing different ways to exercise. Yoga, bicycling, walking, gardening and chasing the neighbor’s dogs!!!!

How do I feel now? Good question!

  • I have more energy.
  • I sleep better.
  • My thoughts are clearer and I am better able to problem solve at work.
  • I am happy with myself for myself.

I Recommend: Do It!!!

What would I recommend for those thinking about the program?

  • Do it!!!
  • I recommend a book by Louise L. Hay, “You Can Heal Your Life.” It is a very uplifting book with exercises to heal yourself that complements the program well.
  • Find a friend or buddy to talk to about your journey.
  • Don’t beat yourself up by weighing yourself every day—hard thing to do, but it saves a lot of heartache and you don’t set yourself up to become discouraged if the weight shifts from day to day.
  • Remember, you are a work in progress and it is all about the journey you are on at this point in time—so enjoy yourself and revel in your progress and your pitfalls without both we can’t appreciate the balance we feel as we reach our goals.
  • Above all else, laugh, laugh and laugh. Having a sense of humor about yourself and with others helps to heal and pave the way for a new you… or makes fondling a loaf of fresh, hot garlic bread in the middle of a busy supermarket easier to rationalize as other inquiring minds pass by…

Good luck to you all!!!!

— Priscilla in Salinas, California

Natasha: Insomnia

April 2, 2013 at 4:43 AM

Also: High Blood Pressure, Anxiety

“You Really Made a Difference in My Life”

From Natasha in California:

For the last several years I’ve experienced insomnia. I’ve been treated by several traditional, holistic, and naturopathic medical practitioners, taking various herbal supplements and medications. Some of these were met with temporary periods of success but within a few days the problem reoccurred. Other times the cure was worse than the initial problem. However, since I went to Mrs. Béatrice Levinson and after only 2 sessions my sleeping problems have come to an end without any adverse side effects.

Focused on the Cause of the Problem

Mrs. Levinson examined my medical history, reviewed my symptoms of not only the immediate problem but others as well and focused in on the cause of the problem. She assisted me with anxiety, insomnia and high blood pressure.

I have really enjoyed seeking treatment and buying my supplements from Mrs. Levinson’s office. It has a great atmosphere.

My family and I are moving from the Monterey area soon. Mr. and Mrs. Levinson informed me that I will be able to continue to contact Mrs. Levinson through Facebook and Skype. Knowing that she will always be there to hear my concerns is reassuring.

Thank you for everything Mrs. Béatrice Levinson. You really made a difference in my life.

— Natasha in California

Natalie: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

April 2, 2013 at 4:42 AM

Also: Yeast Infections, Skin Problems, Rashes

“My Irritable Bowel Syndrome Improved Quickly”

From Nathalie in California:

For years, I experienced very uncomfortable rashes, skin problems, yeast infections, stomach pain, constipation… Yes, these disorders were uncomfortable. But they were in my body for many years, so I believed nothing could change this reality. And I didn’t ask for help because I just thought it was the way it should be. These symptoms belonged to me, and I accepted them as a part of myself.

But then I started to suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This painful symptom was too much for me. And I decided to ask for help. That’s the reason why I decided to consult Béatrice Levinson. This was a great thing to meet her, because it was just like the beginning of an adventure.

I Could Ask Her Every Question…

When I was told not to eat wheat, I was very disappointed! I couldn’t imagine myself having a breakfast, a lunch or a dinner without wheat. What would I eat instead of bread, pasta, and home-made pie…. ? I had read nutrition books, and I thought that my cooking was healthy. I ate vegetables and cereals. I was proud to prepare my meals from scratch instead of choosing the easy way of eating: junk-food, TV dinners… Well, I had to reorganize my shopping list, and learn to prepare new kinds of food. This adventure was possible because I was not alone. Béatrice Levinson led me on this path by giving me some very useful readings and tips. I could ask her every question than came into my head: what oil should I use ? Is spelt allowed in my diet ? I felt relieved and secure to find somebody to answer all my questions. I discovered plenty of delicious new recipes. Cooking without wheat doesn’t mean tasteless cooking! It was not always easy at the beginning— but today I don’t crave bread anymore!

When I was at home, all was clear and easy. Then my husband supported me and started to eat just like me. I knew exactly what I was supposed to cook and to eat. But I was afraid to lose this self-determination outside. That’s why during the first month of my diet, I avoided having dinner with my friends. In other words, I was hiding from others, thinking that not to eat wheat would seem weird and bizarre to everyone! But I took the time to explain that I was trying to heal, and that I needed help. I also took the time to cook for others, and to share my new recipes. My family appreciated my almond meal cake, quinoa, millet… In fact, I just learned that my mother has now changed her usual cooking oil for an unrefined and healthier one. My husband’s brown bag lunches are now famous and popular in his workplace. Now, I feel comfortable to respect my diet while I’m with other people. I ‘m not afraid anymore of my new decisions.

My Old Symptoms Disappeared

By following my Naturopath’s counsel, my Irritable Bowel Syndrome improved quickly. By the way, some of my old symptoms disappeared: constipation, stomach pain, yeast infection… I was so surprised by this unexpected relief. I enjoy this new comfort! In the past, I didn’t realize these symptoms were related to foods. Now I know how to avoid these old disorders. Something changed in my mind because I am now able to restore my own body’s balance.

One of my friends was surprised we could heal by changing foods. She then consulted with Béatrice for her two-year-old girl. She was very happy and surprised to notice a real improvement in her daughter’s strong allergies.

What I have learned is much more than to stick to a diet. Béatrice Levinson taught me basic tools to cleanse and to strengthen my body. For example, I started to use Tea Tree oil for hygiene, and a therapy technique of massaging my back with 7 different essential oils. I also drink apple cider vinegar with my main meals to help my digestion, and I follow the principles of Healthy Diet explained to me by Béatrice. For me, all of these were steps to a new health consciousness. I give more attention and more love to my body while taking care of my bowels, my liver, my stomach, my vagina, and my back’s muscles. That’s why I say, it’s an adventure to heal: on my path, I found what I didn’t expect. Today, for me, this adventure continues by going deeper in the consciousness of my body, and of myself.

Thank you!

— Nathalie in California

Michelle: Weight Loss

April 2, 2013 at 4:42 AM

Also: Digestion Problems, Fertility

“You Took the Time to Listen”

From Michelle in Monterey, California:

Dear Béatrice,

I would like to express my profound gratitude for your commitment to my health and that of my family. The knowledge and encouragement you have given me over the years has forever changed the course of my life.

When we first met I was 60 pounds overweight. I was experiencing various digestive disorders on a daily basis and had miserable hormone fluctuations. My menstrual cycles were so irregular that I doubted my ability to have a child. I was taking innumerable over the counter synthetic vitamins and was eating the typical American diet; low in fat and high in processed foods. I was exercising at a gym, but was making extraordinarily little progress towards lowering my weight.

I Was at an All Time Low

The day I saw your advertisement in a local newspaper I was at an all time low. I truly did not know how to gain control of my health and my life. I made an appointment with you, doubtful that this would finally be the answer, but too desperate not to try.

I was amazed at how thorough your evaluation was of my situation. You took the time to listen to not only my symptoms, but my fears and goals, as well. You created an individualized, detailed plan for recovering my health. I learned about whole food nutrition and how it would rebuild my body from the cellular level.

I Dropped Pounds Effortlessly

Week by week, I experienced increased vitality and dropped pounds effortlessly. The systems of my body seemed to harmonize in the way they were always designed to function. I became strong and felt a level of health I had never known.

Today, I am the proud mother of a robust baby girl. Her conception and birth are a testament to the incredible healing power of the human body when given the proper building blocks of health. The knowledge of nutrition I gained from you will ensure that my daughter will never have to struggle with the kinds of problems I had battled all my life.

In my professional practice, I meet people daily who are as lost and confused as I was about how to overcome the epidemic of obesity and chronic disease that plagues our nation. People are desperate to gain an understanding of how to reclaim their health. I am honored to refer my family, friends and clients to you because I am so confident in your ability to help people change their lives for the better. I wish you the greatest of success!

With most sincere thanks,

— Michelle in Monterey, California